Riot Points Generator

League of Legends online game is really popular among gamers. Many of them can spend hours each day playing this awesome game. However, to be able to enjoy the best of it people have to spend money in terms of buying game items. That is why there are loads of gamers searching for a way to by pass that. However, trying to find a working League of Legends hack tool can be a really daunting task. Most people fail to find one that is valid and working.

Luckily for you, right now you are on the right page. I am going to reveal a program I have used from last month to generate free Riot Points. With this online generator I can simply generate riot points for free, and at the same time I can also get free influence points as well. The program is called riot points generator. Click that link to visit the official page where you can use it.

OK, I have to tell you here that I myself have tried so many bogus tools available on the net, with no result. Maybe you have the same experience here, downloading countless programs named League of Legends crack and the likes, but none of them deliver real result. In my case, the only result I got is having my computer infected by virus and various other harmful things. Maybe you also got the same ‘result’.

However with enough determination and belief that there must be a working one somewhere out there, I kept searching. And finally, I found this RP generator and everything changes from there. Now it is possible for me to buy any game items I want without really spending a dime. And sure you can also get the same result by using the same application you can find when you visit the link above.

The first thing that differentiate this riot points hack with other tools I tried before, beside the fact that it works, is that this is an online generator. The actual application is installed on its own server and users only need to access the generator page, which actually just a user interface for us to start using it from our browser. So yes, downloading the program and run it from our computer is not required.

This is why we can say that this League of Legends cheat tool is safe for us cause there will be no risk like mentioned above, getting infected by virus and the likes. Running the program is just like accessing any pages you can find on the net, no different with visiting this page. You will not downloading or installing anything, your browser is the only thing you need.

Usually you will get your free riot point as well as influence point almost right away after you run the generator. However, sometimes it can take up to several minutes for them to hit your account. In this case, it’s not because of this riot points generator, it’s most likely due to the system is a bit lag in processing the ‘transaction’. Don’t worry, you will have them eventually, just wait for it a bit if it doesn’t show up on your account right away.

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